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I learnt to fly on last RAAF Vampire pilot course. I then followed 2 years flying Sabres and 3 tours on Mirage 111O. Highlight was member of 77 Squadron 1975 Mirage aerobatic display team.

After leaving RAAF spent 18 months as Air Traffic Controller whilst flying a Nomad on a commuter service out of Sydney.

Joined Pel Air flying Learjets and Westwinds 5 years,then proceeded overseas to seek airline flying.

I flew DH7 for Brymon Airways domestic UK then B727 Dan Air, London and Berlin. I spent 15 years with Emirates, Dubai,  Airbus and B777 worldwide.


Back in Australia I flew Mick Doohans private jet and ended up as Chief Pilot Gold Coast with 12 corporate jet types on licence. I resigned due to CASA's attitude to general aviation. Now I fly, as a contract pilot, large private jet internationally on my U.S. licence, and a Learjet with a cadre of former fighter pilots on military exercises.


I play tennis mens A3 competition representing Matraville plus social tennis - Clubs Coogee and Cooper Park.

 Love riding my Honda CBR motorcycle - keeps my reflexes sharp as does attacking Navy warships at 50 feet in a Learjet. 

I have a son who is a Airbus A380 pilot. I intend to keep flying until I need a walking stick!

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