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Earlier this month one of Navair’s (and Australia’s) most senior pilots, Byron Bailey sat down for a chat with hosts of the Today Show, Cameron Williams and Deborah Knight to ease their fears about flying on the airlines.

The new segment on the breakfast show, called ‘This is your Captain Speaking’ aims to answer common questions from passengers about flying. The hosts ask questions about turbulence, bird strikes, lightning and engine troubles, all routine occurrences for experienced pilots, but of course on the airlines, you can’t ask the pilots! Answered with all the professionalism and experience expected an air charter pilot, Byron then slips in a casual comment about corporate aviation, and the fact he used to fly fighters in the RAAF. “You’re never going to break an aeroplane in turbulence”. Says Bailey, “Not a jet aeroplane anyway. There’s never been one crashed purely due to turbulence. Turbulence in itself, it’s unpleasant, but the aeroplane is fine. It’ll handle itself.”

One of the rarely spoken-about advantages of private jet charter in Australia, is the fact that passengers have the opportunity to interact with pilots before, during and after the flight. Private jets usually fly with open cockpit doors, and in many cases the pilots load baggage, and give safety briefings themselves, so interested passengers are able to ask any questions they may have, directly to the pilot. All of Skypac’s pilots possess a wealth of aviation knowledge, and would be happy to share it with you on your next private jet charter from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

Starting his career in the RAAF, flying classic fighters like the Hawker Hunter, De Havilland Vampire and North American F-86 Sabre, Byron then transitioned to a civilian flying position as Captain for Emirates Airline. After 15 years, he returned to Australia to fly private jets, where he flies movie stars, Fortune 500 Execs, the who’s who of Australian Politics and more than a few clients who choose not to be named. Right now he’s flying as Captain on Skypac Aviaton’s Cessna Citation II, and Citation Mustang on a variety of charter flights around Australia.

To enquire about private jet hire rates with Navair and Byron Bailey, give us a call or get a quote online.

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